Loan demand

Loan applications
Loan applications may be made in person or in writing. They should be addressed directly to the curator, or in his absence, an employee authorized by the Museum. The Laurentian Ski Museum, after studying the request, will see if it is possible or not possible to agree to it. The request may be rejected for one or more reasons if it is judged inadmissible either with respect to security, availability or the financial costs involved

Except for special agreement established beforehand, the applicant should be a member of the Museum and be in charge of the costs related to the transport and insurance and any other costs encountered in the case of breakage or damage to the items loaned. In certain cases, costs may be required to use certain types of artifacts, as an example photos, or for certain types of use, as in commercial or promotional use. The applicant should be obligated to be represented by a legal representative for the loan and to accept to sign a written agreement, the clauses of which will be determined by the Museum.